We are a young dedicated team from varied back grounds working in a beautiful and healthy environment. We strive to do better each day and support each other in doing so. We are looking for individuals who exhibit drive, a sense of quality, can motivate and bring energy to others and bring their personality and skill to the party.

We value humanity over technicality as technique is something we can teach and share. We are looking for cool people who focus on efficiency, creativity, strong fundamental skills that lead to innovation and dedication to the collective outcome. We like doing things simple, intelligent, with focus on integrity and flavour, and lots of care and love to optimise the effort.

Adding value to ingredients, colleagues, guests, community and ultimately ourselves is priority.

If you are a motivated and sincere person with a burning desire to join the îdp family, please send us a 2-page CV to artisans@iledepain… or complete the below form.

application for employment / internship

Neither the acceptance of this application nor any subsequent interview, either for a specific position or any other position, and regardless of the contents of employee handbooks, policies or any company practices, shall serve to create an actual or implied expectation of an offer of employment.