• cappuccino
    single or double
  • flat white
    double shot, of course
  • café au lait
    single or double shot
  • americano
    single or double
  • cortado
    double shot, short with foam
  • espresso
    single or double
  • piccolo
    single – short cortado
  • macchiato
    single or double
  • café vienna
    single – whipped cream
  • wiener ice café
    classic viennese specialty
  • affogato
    gelato, coffee & cream
  • cà phé sūa nóng
    vietnamese coffee – condensed milk
  • cà phé dâ
    iced vietnamese coffee – condensed milk
  • al’s golden oat latte
    infused with turmeric honey and ginger the perfect non-coffee alternative


  • hot chocolate di’or
    24 carat gold and a valrhona chocolate theatre experience
  • hot chocolate de luxe
    ile de pain original grand cru chocolate in a traditional goblet – rich & creamy
  • hot chocolate milk
    a lighter version for the first time grand cru drinker
  • cafè mocha
    double shot, grand cru chocolate
  • white choc chai
    rich ivoire white chocolate milk infused with feed me green’s chai spice mix
  • sophia’s choice
    white chocolate and mild red espresso topped with cream and glitter sparkles


  • four seasons green tea
    crisp and sweet green tea leaves
  • rooibos and honeybush
    homegrown SA honeybush sweet & earthy – rooibos is sweet & woody
  • forest berry fruit infusion
    blended with five berries, intensely fruity & sweet
  • lemon fruit infusion
    soothing blend of hibiscus, apple, rosehip, lemongrass and lemon flavour
  • osmanthus oolong
    speciality of the region gangxi, south of china
  • lady grey black
    gentle bergamot flavours with a touch of rose
  • ceylon pettigala
    a fine ceylon, dark red colour, highly aromatic yet mild
  • mango rooibos
    grounding rooibos, mango tang and rosehip
  • five petals cacao tea
    chocolate rose balinese cacao heart opening tea


House Made Drinks
  • fresh home made lemonade
    a long, cool glass of zingy citrus
  • Home Made Iced Tea
    daily brewed, refreshing & chilled blend of tea & juice
  • Freshly Squeezed Juice of the Day
    freshly juiced daily celebration of seasonal fruits
Fizzy Drinks
  • Appletizer / Grapetizer
  • Still / Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Rock Shandy
Craft Cider
  • loxtonia crispy apple artisan cider
    what’s in a name… yes, utterly crispy unadulterated apple tang
  • fiery dragon gingerbeer
    full on ginger power flavour, spicy and almost hot (contains alcohol)
Craft Beer
  • red bridge golden ale
    local knysna craft beer – full on fynbos honey nose, but definitely not sweet, great bitter finish with a weighty mouthfeel, try with our burgers
  • sedgefield craft breweries
    IPA – mouth watering bitter, hoppy ale, perfect burger companion
    session ale – delicate, citrusy, not too sweet/dry great with our classic ham & cheese
    irish red ale – créme brûlée and honeyed… a partner for creamy soups or risotto
  • devil’s peak lager / devils peak light
    craft beer named after the mountain above the brewery in cape town, beautifully balanced fresh
  • darling brew bonecrusher weiss (white) beer
    distinctive candied orange nose, rich & textural
  • castle lager / castle light lager
    ok, not craft, but a SA stand by- fresh and easy