Markus’ Great Grandfather & Grandmother with children and baker circa 1920

Bread 101.1 | Time & Tradition

The doughs for île de païn loaves are mixed gently and fermented…

A Yeast Convers(at)ion Like fire, yeast…

Fabulous Food Escapades with Thelma & Leez

The cuisine of a country offers a clear expression of…
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Living at the Speed of Life

A number of years ago we were advised to prune the great…
Salted Caramel

A Grand (Cru) Love Affair

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and our thoughts turn to romance….and our grand love affair with chocolate. At île de païn we use only the highest quality grand cru chocolate.
Anytime Cookbook

Make it at Home | Steamed Mussels

Enjoy this gift of a fresh, summer seafood recipe from chef Liezie Mulder’s book “ile de païn – anytime”. Chef Liezie will guide you to make this quick and delicious summer meal easily at home.

Nourishing the next generation

One of our commitments at île de païn is to share our ethos…

Making a Bread Film

After the success of “Bread”— which demonstrated how…

The Apprentice

Over the years we have sought to nurture individuals who demonstrate…
ile de pain - Artisan Bread Knife

A Knife for Life

The ultimate artisan bread knife Respect for tradition,…