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Living at the Speed of Life

îdp social media

A number of years ago we were advised to prune the great coral tree that graces our outdoor dining room. The cleaving appeared violent, almost brutal, and was met with dismay by many who enjoyed its shade. Today the coral tree stands resplendent once more. As a result of cutting back, this proud giant has grown back to enjoy better health, vitality and beauty.

The point of this story? We have made a decision that some may find surprising, even radical. In the spirit of île de païn we wish to spend more of our time in the kitchen and bakery, to develop our amazing team, to source nourishing foods from suppliers with the same ethics as us, and to connect on a personal level with you, our dear friends.

We will therefore be taking an open-ended sabbatical from Facebook and Twitter activity from 1st March 2019. We are choosing a conscious simplification of our activities and a redirection of our energy into the things we truly cherish; delivering great food and creating a space in which all can relax and feel taken care of.

Please feel free to continue to interact with our social forums. We love to hear from you and are grateful that you share so positively of your experiences with us. Here’s to living at the speed of life!

 With love, team îdp