Life Affirming Foods

Our ethos from day one has supported radiance and happiness through high quality, life-affirming foods. We don’t call our dishes “health foods”, but if you delve into the detail – ethical sourcing of the finest ingredients, thorough preparation, balanced recipes that genuinely satisfy, a healthy dose of soul-nourishing indulgence, a beautiful ambience in which to savour and an uplifting team spirit – all the characteristics of a vitalizing meal are present.

During winter months, and particularly at this time, a thoughtful attention to a nutritious diet nourishes wellbeing, especially when combined with a soulful environment, juicy movement, fulfilling activity and mindful practices.

Every crafted recipe, sourdough bake and hydrating beverage at île de païn is infused with the qualities of care and love, however we’ve picked out three amazing winter boosters for you to try….

Immune Booster Shot

The île de païn team starts each day with a shot of our freshly squeezed immune booster juice. The warm energy of sunshine is tangible in fresh Vitamin-Citrus. Orange merges sweetly with the acid tang of lemon (note: lemon is actually alkaline when metabolized!). A good pinch of anti-inflammatory turmeric lights up a golden glow for you and the juice. We add a little fresh ginger for heat and to fire up the digestive system, tempered with a velvety raw honey.

The tiniest whisper of garlic adds “the clove on top” and offers significant antibiotic qualities. This bulb has been in use for its health enhancing qualities for thousands of years (there is record of it being in use at the time the Giza pyramids were built). Try our immune booster shot with breakfast or lunch at the café or grab a bottle from our to-go selection. One bottle yields four alchemic natural shots for you and your dearest people.

Bone Broth

île de païn bone broth with ginger and miso is long simmered and melds a myriad of benefit….plus it’s super yummy on a cold winters’ day! Join us for a steaming broth bowl at the restaurant or take-out to enjoy for a light, nourishing supper or warming weekend lunch.

As well as being rich in Vitamin B, Miso is a fermented food and provides our guts with a wealth of beneficial bacteria. A happy digestive system supports overall health, vibrancy and happiness. It’s partly sipping a warm and comforting broth that generates that cared-for feeling, and a healthy gut also produces serotonin, which is responsible for uplifting the mood. Miso’s distinctive umami taste adds an extra dimension that weaves invisibly through the fabric of this nutrient dense broth.

Chicken soup for the soul? Science supports that chicken broths have medicinal qualities that help us to recover from colds and flu quicker. Bone broth also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus & other trace minerals needed for our bones to grow and repair. Inflammation causes the stiff and achy joints associated with flu. The proteins and Omega 3 content of bone broth are a powerful ally in reducing inflammation.

For healthy skin, hair and nails bone broth provides a “natural Botox” in the form of collagen. Beauty from within!

Popeye Salad

This hearty salad is pure vitality, inspired by the famously invigorating greens that gave Popeye his great gusto! Earthy, iron and protein-rich lentils are served with a generous abundance of greens – sugar snap peas, broccoli, green beans and roasted Brussels sprouts. This verdant garden is nutrient dense and rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. It also serves to balance alkalinity, which can help to reduce inflammation. Vivid basil pesto and chef Liezie’s glossy Popeye sauce add unctuousness and burst with flavour.

Chose quality and select foods and activities that genuinely nourish and uplift your spirit. Listen. Rest. Play. Eat well. Be well!

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