Bûche de Lûxe

Our patisserie has created a stunning seasonal centerpiece dessert for your festive table. île de païn’s Bûche de Luxe is an elegant take on the classic Bûche de Noël, an iconic Christmas dessert that originates in France, Belgium and northern European countries. You may know it better as a Yule Log. 

A Perfect Gift

The Bûche de Luxe is presented in our signature box on a colourful base together with a gift card and île de païn ribbon. Order a whole cake as a perfect gift to be shared together with friends and family. You can also enjoy this delicious dessert by the slice in the café over the festive season. Pair with our excellent coffee – iced or hot – or celebrate with a glass of bubbles.

Why a log? 

Winter Solstice was celebrated in the Celtic tradition by the burning of an enormous tree trunk on the shortest day of the year. This ritual celebrated the rebirth of the sun and gave gratitude for the warmth and life it would bring. The Celts believed that certain trees, such as cherry, oak, beech and elm, had mystical powers. Often a part of the log would be shaped into the wedge for a plough to bless the next harvest. 

Our bread is baked daily in a traditional wood-fired oven

This ancient tradition developed the years, a log being brought into the home and decorated with ribbons and greenery, or sprinkled with salt and oil to symbolise good luck, abundance and promise. As homes became smaller, the large fireplace log was replaced by a smaller branch surrounded by sweet, festive delicacies on the family table.

From Hearth to Table

There are varied stories as to how the log became a cake. One recalls Napoleon ordering all drafty fireplaces closed to “prevent disease”, another that the French nobility desired the blessings of the Bûche without having to endure a real log in their salon! Whatever the reason, the earliest recorded recipe for the Bûche de Noël was published in 1898 by Parisian pastry chef, Pierre Lacam. It has since become a classic Christmas cake, associated with good fortune, sharing and togetherness.

Bûche de Noël – îdp style

And now to the taste!  Our patisserie has created a delicate chocolate soufflé cake, filled with a light and smooth chocolate cremeaux. The cake is soaked with fresh raspberry purée with a soft-center heart of raspberry pulp. The coating of dark couverture dusted with cacao powder make for the most amazing, authentic Yule Log. 

This traditional cake has been reworked to honour the Knysna Forest. Finished with realistic chocolate leaves, meringue mushrooms, marzipan holy berries and 23-karat gold leaf, it sits on a deliciously edible Forest floor of crunchy Milano base.

Only in Knysna, South Africa – île de païn – authentic artisans. Dare to indulge!

Pre-order your Bûche de Noël at least 24 hours prior to collection at our retail counter or email artisans@iledepain.co.za

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