How to Bake Bread

In facing new challenges, we are also offered the opportunity to adapt and develop, to be daring and creative. We have freedom of choice to leaven all aspects of life with integrity and quality. We start with the essentials; our daily bread, that which nourishes us. In his accessible, step-by-step workshop “Baguettes & Ciabattas”, Markus Färbinger reveals how the home baker can achieve a beautiful, wholesome bake that resembles that of a wood-fired oven.

The Early Hours

Baking bread is a meditation of the early hours for any time of the day. First we sift flour, then sourdough is gently crumbled. Water is added, drop by life-giving drop and the alchemy begins. We knead, fold, shape; existing in peaceful harmony with the dough. Then a star-dusting of flour before the soft shapes are aligned to rest in their cloth couche cocoons. A wink of dawn streaks the sky. Sun and doughs gently rise in unison. Each awaits its turn to transform through the kiss of fire. Transfer, score, then feed into the belly of the oven. Metamorphosis. Flaxen crusts form. Emboldened flavours develop, affirming life.

Bake Artisan Bread at Home

Can you imagine the wholesome golden aroma of fresh bread scenting your home? Now sense the feeling of deep satisfaction as you and your family breaks bread together. Bread you have baked with love and reverence.

We’ve made it easy for you to experience the joy of making your own authentic breads at home. “Baguettes & Ciabattas” offers a “one-on-one” experience of being side by side with Markus in the île de païn bakery. In this accessible instruction video Markus shares his years of professional practice and personal observations.

Baguettes & Ciabattas is available to view and download on VIMEO or on Blu-Ray DVD

Unique Baking Tools

To further empower the home baker, the île de païn bakery developed a unique set of baking tools. Our innovative T-steam bar with booster rocks and baking plate underwent months of vigorous testing. As a result, when used together, these tools will elevate your domestic oven to an effective bread-baking hearth. You will be able to bake any shape of bread as well as utilise the entire oven surface for optimum results and efficiency.

Our innovative T-steam bar and hot rocks elevate a domestic oven baking environment

Share Inspiration

We love to inspire! Our wish is to enable you to eat foods bursting with vitality, île de païn style, anytime. Especially now, how can we nourish you? How are you nourishing yourself? We invite you to share your home baking experiences with us. You’ll find us @iledepain on instagram or Facebook.

Together we can bake, grow and thrive.


View the trailer, rent or purchase Markus Farbinger’s latest masterclass Baguettes & Ciabattas on Vimeo or purchase the Blu-ray DVD from our web shop.

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Inspired to bake? Enjoy a whole chapter of bread and pastry recipes (and more) in Chef Liezie’s beautiful cookbook, île de païn Anytime.

Thank you to film-maker Michael Chèze and co-producer Debbie Gunter for a moving visual depiction of the living art of baking. View The Early Hours, a film by Michael Chèze Productions