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The ultimate artisan bread knife

ile de pain - Artisan Bread Knife

Respect for tradition, family values, craftsmanship and attention to detail. These are qualities that describe Güde Handcrafted Cutlery and are central to our philosophy at île de païn. A beautiful bread deserves to be cut with an exceptional knife. Over the years we have consistently sought out, trialled and made available premium equipment to benefit serious enthusiasts. We are delighted to have resolved our search for the ultimate cutting tool in the Franz Güde bread knife; known as “the original bread saw”.

Gude bread saw knife

The Güde family has been in the business of creating the finest forged cutlery for 4 generations.  Designed in the 1930s the “Güde serrated blade”, with its pointed teeth, is notable for its cutting ability and durability. Today the masters at Güde Solingen in Germany continue to practice the centuries old tradition of quality knife making. This “knife for life” combines practical functionality, precision, balance and breathtaking beauty. It is a tool that can be passed on – an inheritance.

Gude artisan knife

Each 32cm knife is individually hand-forged and can be handled up to 60 times during the journey of its creation. A select blend of chromium-vanadium-molybdenum knife steels endures several rounds of tempering (exposure to temperatures of over 1000 degrees to minus 80) to change the microstructure of the metal. The now pliable material is drop-forged (using intense pressure) then hand-ground using stone and water to shape each knife for premium cutting capability, strength and consistency. Triple riveted, rich-grained handles cut from 500 year old olive wood add character and a solid, comfortable grip as well as balancing weight along the length of the knife. Finally the Güde logo is hand-etched as a symbol of quality and care.

You will immediately feel the precisely balanced weight of the knife as you lift it from its elegant packaging. The solid warmth of the wooden handle sits snug in your hand ensuring a firm grip as you enjoy a clean downward action that shears an easy “buttery” slice. With good maintenance this knife will serve faithfully for years and enhance your enjoyment of our breads. If you have an appreciation of performance, beauty, handling and craftsmanship this is the tool for you.

artisan knife packaging

Markus’ “rules of thumb” on cutting the perfect slice.

  • Use a quality knife and a firm, even cutting board.
  • The richer/denser the bread, the thinner the slice and vice versa.
  • The richer/denser the bread, the longer the resting time before cutting. We recommend a minimum 2 hours after baking up to 24 hours post baking.
  • For crisp baguettes, bagatta and ciabatta cut 5-10cm pieces.
  • For sourdough, companio and organic sourdough a 2-3cm slice is optimal.
  • “Serious” wholegrain or 100% rye will benefit from a fine slice of 0.5-1cm.
  • Go ahead and break “the rules” – rip apart a warm crusty baguette with your hands and enjoy with friends!

break bread

Find this beauty in our curated offerings at ile de pain.

Email artisans@iledepain.co.za for further information.

We invite you to view our other recommended “everyday” bread knife by Grünter, used for precision slicing at île de païn and in our home kitchen. Shop for this excellent value tool on our website.

Further insight into the craft of Güde can be viewed here.

Markus introduces the Güde bread knife


 ile de pain artisan knife

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